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when something is so sexy you want to fap to it.
''I am faptastic!''
''Good for you''
by yommominmybed January 14, 2014
2 0
Said when you see a hot girl (or even just a picture) that makes you want to drop and unload. Can also be used as an adjective for a hot girl. Also see fap.
Oh. My. God. She is so faptastic!
by MoonKnight November 24, 2002
216 33
When someone finds something on the internet that is easy to masturbate to.
George: I just found some awesome lesbian porn site!
Me: Thats faptastic!
by Bryce T April 15, 2008
85 13
Describing anything or anyone that is attractive enough to fap to.
Dude, Jessica Alba is so Faptastic!
by Tyler cox+Avery Lewis July 10, 2008
65 17
Faptastic is a word used to describe a picture or video that includes an attractive woman to whom you could fap to; however, said woman may not be blatantly revealing. Cleavage is fine. Very fine.

Faptastic can also refer directly to the woman that is in the picture or video.
Guy 1: "I wish Jessica Alba would take her clothes off for the camera sometime."

Guy 2: "Meh, she's got plenty of faptastic pics and vids."
by Matty Moo Jr. August 17, 2009
28 9
An expression used to point out how fantastically fap worthy someone, something or some event is

John: Dude! You can totally see Maria's nipples through that shirt

Bob: OMG! That's faptastic!

by Bob the Goldfish December 21, 2008
22 12
faptastic - something being utterly and totally fap worthy!
It's not just fantastic, it's FAPtastic
"Cor, did you see those pictures of her? Faptastic or what!"
by Jamara, naturally. August 31, 2008
15 7
something you would fap to.
Yo that chicks knockers are faptastic. Chyeah
by Stephen Mcjankinburg August 06, 2008
11 8