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Fuck yeah!
"Wanna do some blow?" "Chyeah."
by Mike Pissoff November 14, 2003
Most definatly, for sure
bill: are you goin to get drunk?
Fred: chyeah! ? are you
by cory harden January 01, 2006
word that exclaims joy and happiness. also shows success.
I just got a brand new car, chyeah!
by kyrieeeee October 09, 2007
An exclamatory statement of unexplained joy or happiness. Used as a positive response, to a question or declaration of plans or ideas for the night. Popularized by Will Sweeney of Pearl River.
1- Ch'Yeah that sounds mad chill!
2-You wanna go to a rave tonight? Ch'Yeah! You know how i do!
by Yeah U Know Me September 12, 2008
"Chyeah" is a word that Bang Yongguk says way too often, but is still totally catchy.
*the beginning on One Shot starts playing*

Yongguk: One shot

Yongguk: Let me tell you something that you already know

Yongguk: You just get the rock to me, you know what I mean?

Yongguk: Chyeah~
by kawaii.kpop August 12, 2014
How gangsta wanna-be's say "yeah" because they think they're cooler for it.
"chyeah, i don reely be knowin how to talk rite dawg"
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
the meaty part of a bone
i love the chyeah on this pork chop !!!!
by nastyashlee June 05, 2009