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Something that is sexually desirable, or deemed high enough quality that it can be used for masturbation purposes.
Man, that picture is really fappable.
by L.K Winters July 24, 2006
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Of sufficient quality to masturbate too
Person 1 : Hey dood did you just see that chick walking down the street?

Person 2: Yeah I didn't really like her face but that shit is totally Fappable
by freakichashew July 25, 2008
Something that you can Fap to, Fapping being the art of masturbation
That picture is totally Fappable! Yeah, that's worth a fap!
by Gottafapsomemorebitch March 10, 2011
(adjective)something or someone that has the ability to turn someone on to the point of masturbation or to give the person the idea of masturbation.
"Dude...that chicks tits were so fappable.
by 1337|300 November 06, 2008
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