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1. To like-like someone (have a crush on).
2. Wanting or needing something.
3. Pretty, luxurious, nice.
4. Using an eufemism to describe something.
5. Dutch (glossy)magazine for girls between ages 14 and 21.
1. I really fancy that guy. He's so adorable!
2. Would you fancy a drink?
3. That new car looks really fancy!
4. You called her a slut? That's a fancy way to say she's the biggest whore in town!
5. Have you read the Fancy yet? It has this great article on how to shop more for less!
by Maresa August 23, 2007
Something bendable, mostly toys. You can move their arms, legs, head, etc. When they're really poseable, you can bend their limbs in to any form or shape you want.
1. Look at that! When I bend Barbie's arm, it breaks off. She's not really that poseable after all.
by Maresa September 02, 2007
Sometimes spelled with an f, as in eufemism.

Trying to make the mean things you say sound nicer (example 2) or making a mild comment you make sound even worse by adding you were just using an euphemism (example 1).

Jack: o my God, I really hate that Grace-woman! Why is she coming over instead of DROPPING DEAD?
Karen: o come on, she's not that bad.
Jack: she is! And I'm telling her, just wait.
Grace: hi guys!
Jack: I'm really sorry, Grace, but I just don't like you very much. And that is really just an euphemism. Bye bye now!
Grace: o my God! I'm outta here!

Pete: okay, well, it's not the best painting in the world...
Joan: yeah, nice euphemism, Pete. This is without a doubt the worst painting I have ever seen. Seriously, even a two-year-old would do a much better job!
by Maresa August 23, 2007
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