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Fucking Asinine Dumb Shit
Trail running barefoot is one of many ridiculous FADS. Have you ever just stepped on a building block in the middle of the night, that shit hurts like a mother fucker....Imagine running, then landing on a fucking sharp Rock. Now you're fucked and no fucking shoes. Now your bare foot ass gets to hobble back under your bridge like a hunchback fucking troll. It serves you right, stupid hobbit. I hope next time you step on a hypodermic needle.
by Da Muffin Man November 22, 2013
A person who looks good 'From A Distance' but up close is hideous!
She's a Fad.
by 420dreamer September 13, 2011
(Fuck And Destroy) means what you would do to someone who you fancy or want to shag
I would fad her
by Mrevolution July 03, 2014
Friday Afternoon Drinks.

The earlier version of or prelude to FND.

After WAD the best of all AD's.

Probably the only AD that can be enjoyed on an almost weekly basis.

Biggest downside to FAD: because a lot of people only work parttime on Friday, there's a lot of civil servant or banker wankers in the pub. But on the upside, these people generally need to be home by 5, so when FND starts, they're all gone and you're nicely liquored up.

MAD, TAD and ThAD usually can't hold a candle to FAD.
A: Let's have lunch early today, OK?

B: Sure and later, we're going for FAD!!
by YoungR January 20, 2011
Fablously Amazing Dick
Man, my girlfriend says i have a F.A.D.
by TunaLiving December 18, 2005
Facebook Addiction Disorder
He is always logged on- got the FAD!
by GPhone April 11, 2010
For girls during semi-formal, find a dress. ;)
Have you been fad-ing yet?
by arrythmiaax January 09, 2012