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the moment Manny Pacquiao whacks an opponent in the canvas, You'll soon witness the ICONIC face he does in his victories that many photoshopers are dying to get a picture of.
" hey, I saw a pic of a slum child, Micheal Jackson, and Barack Obama doning a Pacquiao Moment. "

"really? hahahahahahahha Pacquiao on the loose everywhere!"
by BALDOaztig November 08, 2009
A manga and anime written by Naoki Urasawa.

Its about the story of a young (later a bit old) doctor in his quest to find and kill the "monster" that he once saved whilst proving his innocence to the series of events that happened within the story. Ironically he is torn between the responsibility of fixing his mistake and as a doctor, saving precious lives.

The series is intricately plotted and weaved together to deliver a solid story and remarkable characters. And unlike normal anime that is set in a fictional world, Monster is set on real life places in the world and tackles several historical plots and events and incorporated it in the story.
" I've watched Monster and it feels like I'm watching a quality Hollywood movie!"
by BALDOaztig November 07, 2009
Grand Theft Auto, a sandbox simulation style video game that cause considerable ruckus for its mature content. Every title release, they put anything and everything that you can ever imagine in real life.

Usually an outlet of some retards/sickos for their miserable lives. They "re-enact" the crimes and stupid things that can be done in the game in real life. Once caught they say they were "inspired" and "influenced" by playing GTA but that's merely their lowly excuse for the lose screws in their head.
" hey,that kid jacked that dudes car and blast the shit out of him. then went on a crazy driveby yesterday."

" WTF! damn sicko, he's probably playin gta up all night and thinks he'll get an Oscar's for doing that."
by BALDOaztig November 07, 2009
People hailing from north/south Korea. Koreans seems to be a mix of Chinese and Japanese as they are easily distinguishable. Compared to Chinese and Japanese whose eyes are slanted and "chinky"(sorry), Koreans eyes are a bit rounded and almond shaped. Koreans shows great importance to their culture and history. They have great fashion style and up to date technology just like the Japanese. They are hard workers and show respect to others by slightly bowing down their heads as an excuse, if an elder is coming, or as thanks. Korean women are exceptionally beautiful.
"I wanna take a vacation, what could be a good Asian spot?"

"Korea would be a good place, I would love to meet Korean people for a change"
by BALDOaztig November 11, 2009
spectacular, extravagant, well talked about, fever....good for 1 day or get your money back.
guy1: "whats with all the remakes, versions, adaptations Hollywood directors are crazy about? no more ORIGINALITY left to squeeze out of their brain?"

guy2: "I'll tell you what...its a FAD!"

dude1: "dammit why do all people are so interested in boxing all of a sudden?"

dude2: "its Pacman"

dude1: "huh?, what of him?"

dude2: "cuz he's a FAD!"
by BALDOaztig November 11, 2009

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