acronym for fuck a duck
i have so much work for ap euro! FAD
by cam09 November 29, 2009
FAD also known as 'Fuck A Duck'
Dude: Hey wanna have some fun? ^^
Girl: FAD
by ItsReallyFAD May 12, 2010
Fit at a Distance. While walking with your friends you notice a member of the opposite sex some way away and decide they are attractive. As you draw closer it becomes apparent that you are mistaken and they are indeed not attractive.
"That girl looked so hot back there, shame she turned out to be a FAD."

"That guy standing over there looks like he might be cute."

"No way, I bet he's a FAD."
by P.Weller March 20, 2010
spectacular, extravagant, well talked about, fever....good for 1 day or get your money back.
guy1: "whats with all the remakes, versions, adaptations Hollywood directors are crazy about? no more ORIGINALITY left to squeeze out of their brain?"

guy2: "I'll tell you what...its a FAD!"

dude1: "dammit why do all people are so interested in boxing all of a sudden?"

dude2: "its Pacman"

dude1: "huh?, what of him?"

dude2: "cuz he's a FAD!"
by BALDOaztig November 11, 2009
fart and dash
oh no sloane, i just let one go, lets FAD before that lady can smell my goodies
by sov19 May 26, 2009
The name for a foil and drano bomb used for desructive purposes. (an explosion)
Dude I totaly Fäded that mailbox up, now its in pieces.
by bobjon12345 August 08, 2008
(Football Attention Deficit) Someone who, at the end of the Football season, finds it difficult to occupy his or her time on Sundays.
Steve has been dragging the past few weekends, he's so lackadaisical.

Actually he is suffering from FAD or Football Attention Deficit
by Edward Satterfield February 15, 2009
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