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A word said to show extreme awe or fascination, and even wonder or confusion. Made popular by Wakko of Animaniacs fame.
The Godfather: to henchmen Show these kids the door!
Yakko: Thats OK, we can see it from here. Ooh, nice door.
Wakko: Faboo!
by knowstalgia June 21, 2010
31 4
It is a slang, shortened version of fabulous. Also can be spelled fabu.
It would be totally faboo if we got tickets to the concert!
by Sally August 27, 2004
172 51
Short for 'fabulous', but a much more refined form of the word. Can be used to describe anything from a new sweater or your plans for the night (instead of saying 'alright, cool.' you can say 'faboo!'.
"Damn girl, that shit is faboo!"
by Faboo-ness December 13, 2005
67 25
Wonderful; The very best; of high quality; the most impressive
That website is just faboo!
You are my faboo best friend!
by Noah Zark Rockz May 12, 2011
8 1
A greater word for ‘fabulous’ or ‘cool.’ Something extraordinary or wonderful. Amazingly spectacular!
eg. hey pantere what’s your theme? it’s so faboo!
by pantereismylove May 29, 2012
5 0
Fab with abit of oooooo
Its cause im so faboo isn't it
by TK MAXX Employee of the Month February 10, 2014
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faboo (pronouced fa- boo)
is a word from planet Zorg indicating that one is happy. it can be used alone or in sentence to your partner.
*gets a turd in the post* "FABOO!"
by amaratisyag February 05, 2014
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