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a woman with the morals of a man
by sally May 11, 2003
Someone that can keep it up in the bedroom for at least 3 hours
"Wow...that guy i picked up last night was one big daddy"
by Sally March 23, 2005
It is a slang, shortened version of fabulous. Also can be spelled fabu.
It would be totally faboo if we got tickets to the concert!
by Sally August 27, 2004
Past participle of spank which means
to attack someone's ass while their pants are down and they can't defend themselves. Often for the amusement of others.
When Sally went skinny dipping and got her upper body stuck in the filter, everyone in a 1 mile area spanked her.
by Sally November 02, 2002
An all purpose household cleaner that removes even your toughest stains.
Some of these people should clean out their mouths with a little 409.
by sally June 20, 2004
A person that stops the elevator, gets on, cuts a huge fart, and sends the elevator on its way.
Oh god, someone shit in here. I have to get off before somebody else gets on and thinks its me.
by Sally March 10, 2005
To Leave; To Depart
Eddie, Bizounce up off the bed, Bizounce Eddie, Bizounce
by Sally July 30, 2003
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