faboo (pronouced fa- boo)
is a word from planet Zorg indicating that one is happy. it can be used alone or in sentence to your partner.
*gets a turd in the post* "FABOO!"
by amaratisyag February 05, 2014
A totally hip word used to refer to Facebook.
"When I get home, I am totally getting on Faboo and posting that picture of you!"
by TABerni May 07, 2009
Stupid "word" that shouldn't even be in the urban dictionary. Used most often by people that "think" they are with it. Supposed to mean, "great!", or short word for "fabulous"."Wow, you look absolutely faboo" but really if you even use the term "faboo" it just means you're totally uncool and weird.
Dude, your t-shirt is faboo!
by Techanista August 22, 2008
faggy term for "in style"
That top would be totally faboo with this skirt!
by Jimmicap May 15, 2003
faboo: absolutely forbidden; off limits; out of the question.
Dude, that's my little sister. Cross that line? No. She's faboo.
by stone1home July 03, 2006
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