To intensily flirt with eyes in order to make a dude or a woman come over.
-What are you doing staring at that guy- looking down smiling?
-Shhh!.... I'm eye raping this dude..
-What's, Eye rap-
-Hush!.... he's comming over!
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010
Top Definition
To stare at someone for a unnaturally long period of time, and in a creepy manner. Usually with eyes very wide, or nearly closed with the mouth hanging slightly open. Sometimes accompanied by the licking of lips
girl 1: hey lets go somewhere else
girl 2: why?
girl 1: cuz that guy right there is totally eye raping us
by yeah_its_me09 May 11, 2006
to tear the clothes off of someone with your eyes
she eyeraped the guy before agreeing to the date
by fleshy March 26, 2005
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