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To intensily flirt with eyes in order to make a dude or a woman come over.
-What are you doing staring at that guy- looking down smiling?
-Shhh!.... I'm eye raping this dude..
-What's, Eye rap-
-Hush!.... he's comming over!
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010
Is a state of being. It's when, no matter what, a person goes around feeling all happy and thankful for life. Important elements of behavour when experiencing Cali Sunshine is being very nice to everyone, constantly smiling, excited about life with not a care in mind.
-Your acting all happy this morning?....
-Having Cali Sunshine today!!
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010
A person, often a woman, who finds the trashy- coulnd't care less- look Very attractive!!! E.g. to meet a man on the street, looking like he woke up in a dumpster that morning with he's ripped- never washed jeans, t-shirt, preferably a big beard, sunglasses and some "casual shoes" would be a true treasure of the day for a dumpster diver! (tattoos are often plus).
-Oh my goood!!!.... Did you just see that dude over there!?
-Dude, he was like homeless I think....
-Oh... Don't know if I care though!
-You are such a dumpster diver!
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010
When a man has a big penis, you can usually tell because of he's certain attitude. He dosen't have to prove himself to be anything. Or really even Care that much.
-Hey, I was just talking to this guy at the bar...
-Oh, was he nice? good looking?
-He was ok...... but he had "that" attitude so....
-You'll be leaving with him in other words...
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010
Too Big Penis syndrome A.k.a. the TBP-syndrome.

A condition a man with a large penis may almost always develop up to some level.

The general key-symptom for men with TBP-syndrome is that they often fale to really make any real genuine effort in keeping their partner happy and pleased- Besides perhaps sexually of course!

Basically: They don't really Care - because they don't really Have to!

May in EXTREME cases(!) lead to a severe lack of important qualities in personality, sometimes missing one all together (In which case these men may be good for One thing, but then only that(!)... as beyond quite boring)!

Important to keep in mind though: NOT ALL men with big dicks develop this syndrome!!!!
However, it IS more or less common for well hung men to obtain Some form of classical TBP-syndrome behaviour, even though more often in a moderate form.

Intensity may correlate with size of penis.
-...and he wants to hang out but then ignores me half the time?!
-Um... Are you guys dating or something??
-Well yeah, I'm on that huge dick like every day now!!!
-I see.... its a case of the Too Big Penis syndrome.... I'm sorry.
by Twocolorsocks April 16, 2011
The handicap many women suffer from due to their role in Society. As women have been expected to be more 'emotional' creatures and talk alot, they have developed more advanced emotional and social skills.

However, this to the level of sometimes making Everything more complicated than it really is.
- She: So Iv'e been thinking... it would be nice to spend more time together... well not ALL the time because that might cause us to get tired of each other, but you know more... Like then we could prioritize other things too if we would want... I mean of course!... Not that I mean that we should make each other LESS important!... And I'd like to eat breakfast with you more often, not like a GRAND breakfast like EVERY day, but just eat together... maybe... If we're not in a hurry somewhere..!! I'm not saying we should get Too comfortable just because we are spending more time but it could be a good thing... I underdstand there is some mixed feelings in this all, but if I think of it, I'd might like that... what do you think?....

- He: ....? Think about?

- She: Ok FINE, you don't feel like I do.... Fuck you, we're DONE!

- He: What?!

- Friend: Dude... what's wrong with you? She just said that she wanted to move in with you and you said you didn't!!!

- He: WHAT part of ALL That said so?

- Friend: That WHOLE thing said so!!.... it's called femaletardness, she didn't mean to confuse you! Jeez, READ. BETWEEN. THE. LINES, SON!!!
by Twocolorsocks November 09, 2011
The handicap most men are forced to live with due to their role in Society. As they were playing football, women were busy developing advanced emotional and social skills by talking, talking, talking.

Therefore leaving many men socially and emotionally handicapped.
-...so I said, 'it would be nice to go to that restaurant!'...
-Yeah, so are you guys gonna?
-No.... Nothing!?
-Aww.... it's just he's maletardness, he didn't Understand you meant you Wanted to actually Go there!
-They are such retards!
-Yes they are. We love them still.
by Twocolorsocks December 08, 2010

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