Top Definition
A sexually exciting or gratifying person or object.
That dress is so sultry

That girl looks so sultry in that sultry dress of hers
by foolish fool March 21, 2005
someone/something that is attractive, sensual & seductive
he thought she looked sexy and sultry in that dress
by LLD7777 January 21, 2009
sexy, and stunning, but not in a "huge boobs knocking you on the head" way.
Megan Fox is sultry.
by handsomevirgil August 18, 2009
Warm or hot day, sometimes may be used to explain a hot day with high humidity.
It is really sultry today.
by Cremazie May 16, 2006
someone who gets men to have sex with her
she gets what she wants cause shes sultry with passion
by to be told February 04, 2009

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