Similar to projectile vomit, except from the anus. Normally explosive diarrhea is bile and orange juice, accompanied by chunks of scratchy objects ranging in size from a pebble to however big your ass can stretch, and unexpected volumes of fart which do a marvelous job of dispersing said liquid and chunks. Explosive diarrhea is deceptive; leaving the top of the lid virtually unharmed, yet devastating the underside.
Someone had explosive diarrhea at ihop
by nUk July 10, 2005
A mostly liquid rectal discharge of significant force and velocity resulting in fetid splatter throughout the interior of the toilet bowl, almost always accompanied by an intensely foul, gaseous emission caused by the violent release of putrified colonic gas. The relief from bowel pressure experienced after such an assplosion is usually offset by the burning sensation of anal itching known in the vernacular as the "Ring of Fire."

A morning after bout of explosive diarrhea confirmed that Vietnamese cuisine wasn't for me.
by pedrosian February 29, 2008
A lower gastro-intestinal distubance that creates a dilemma in the afflicted: Do I need a bucket of water or a shotgun?....Is that a fireball or a mountain lion coming out of my ass?
Sweetie, Quick! Bring me a drop cloth..I have explosive diarrhea.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
To have diarrhea that is so compact and air tight in your anal cavity, that as soon is your buns touch the seat, your asshole explodes like a 12-gauge shotgun and you can hear the cries of 1000 virgins as the shit flies from your ass.
"Tom got so nervous before his big show he had explosive diarrhea and shit all over himself."
by Bofish December 21, 2008
Liquid shit that comes out of the anus in a projectile manner.
Kim Kardashian is knwon for having chronic explosive diarrhea. Its really glamorous.
by Lindsay Vierheilig April 02, 2008
When you're sitting on the pot and you've got diarrhea and you blast a dukie SO hard that it explodes out of your butt, leaving your toilet in ruins, and you with a bloody ass.
"Uh, mom? i think you need to check diarrhea, kinda...exploded out of my ass."
by skank ass weasel May 01, 2003
A time when you shit so hard that it all comes out of your ass at once..most of the time leaving your ass more pooey than a whole roll of T.P. can handle
MOM!! I.....need more T.P.
by James Lowe June 04, 2004
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