The kind of crap where it comes so suddenly that it is impossible to avoid:

Symptoms: Growling of lower stomach.

As soon as your ass hits the toilet, liquid shoots out like water hoes, making you feel like someone force fed you a toy and then ripped it out through your ass.

Aftermath: Wondering why the fuck are you still shitting the next two days and if there is any way to get rid of the burning.
Friend: "Why the hell were you up all night?"

You: "...let's just say WW3 was finally fought."

Friend: "...what?"

You: "I blew up their white ship, B5, with my liquid poison, E.D...also known as Explosive diarrhea. "

Friend: "You fought well my friend."
by UDon'tKnowWhoIam,ButIKnowU May 31, 2009
It is a feeling words can not explain....cuz you swear it is coming out sideways and your spine is about to break...and your legs are horizontal like a rocket is shooting out of your ass
I just had explosive diarrhea last night and it hurt.
by Colin Fitzgerald May 17, 2003
A condition when you shit so hard that your ass is litteraly ripping. Usually followed by loud gasping sounds and/or foul language. May be caused by too much tequilla, hot peppers, and cottage cheese in combination.
Man Brian Murphy had explosive diarrhea in my bathroom last week and I still can't go in there even to shower.
by Dave May 01, 2003
A Haiku to Poo

Thunder from within
Legs Shaking, Pants down, Anus spillz
Fuck, my hole is RAW
Johnny- I think I just peed out of my butt
Leela-Sounds about right!
Explosive Diarrhea
by Sassssy Sissy February 07, 2010
A situation where your semi-mexican friend has bragged too much about 'nothing being to hot for me' and has to prove it one night when eating wings.
Tony V. ate some hot-wings so blistering that when the explosvie diarrhea consumed him at 2am he screamed from his anus bursting into flames.
by WonderMonkey September 29, 2003
This is the process of releasing waste at high rates of speed. Often creating a horendous stinch and sound. The sounds come out in either spurts or vibrating jitters cause from the pressure of the expelling of the waste making the cheeks of the anus flap together. The after effects of the diarrhea results in much comfort and relief from the pressures that was held inside the stomach and the intestinal track.
As I was sitting on the toilet I realised I had explsice diarrhea when I noticed much build up of pressure and a loud gasious sound released, also the flowing of much waste from the whole of my anus.
by Chandler Heath May 06, 2003
1.explosive diarrhea is when you fart and have diarrhea at the same time.

not something you want to have.

2.when you get diarrhea and you poop so fast a jet of diarrhea water hits you in the ass leaving you smelling like well...shit
i thought I was about to fart but instead it was explosive diarrhea.
by shutup312 March 16, 2009

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