Explosive diarrhea is a term used when someone or something contains massive amounts of feces that would virtually demolish the sanity of an individual's mind when gazed upon. Explosive diarrhea is a much severe condition compared to the ideal "massive shitting". Explosive diarrhea has the impression of a human excrement combined with water and corn that is highly likely to drain the human sanity alongside with making the person highly fatigue. Explosive diarrhea occurs in the matter of seconds, leaving the person's anus and the exterior of his/her gluteus maximus covered in their own excrement.
Sam: Tom! I just had the shit of my life!
Tom: Was it a massive shit?
Sam: No! Not even close my homosexual intercourse exchanging friend!
Tom: What? Something worse than a MASSIVE SHIT?
Sam: Yes! It was an explosive diarrhea!

Tom: Lord have mercy on Sam!
by BushWarden July 07, 2013
What seems to happen when Sincerely Jordan spends the night and Trinket Tacos house with Rene Mercury. Manly naming the incident after having pizza and bread sticks in her room. Hours in the bathroom screaming UUURRGHHH and holding on to the side wall for dear life.

Apparently preperation H is supposed to help, god knows why, and Mrs. Wallace provided some, and Trinket Tacos instructions were to "shove it up your blow hole.
After having the pizza and breadsticks, I had Explosive Diarrhea and Trinket Taco and Rene Mercury laughed at me.
by Sincerely Jordan September 22, 2008
What occurs after eating Taco Bell food.
Aw man. I shoudn't have eaten that burrito. Now I've got EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA!
by Anonymous May 06, 2003
What happens when World Leaders eat Spicy food.
for example Hitler and America's war in Iraq.
by Don Jesus Landers IV July 25, 2004
A brown soupy dessert enjoyed by the Pygmy tribe of Southern Africa. Made from cattle feces after the cattle are fed mountains of prunes, pinto beans and chocolated exlax.
The Pygmies sat down to a delicious dessert of warm explosive diarrhea.
by Rap January 22, 2004
The worst case of diarrhea that you could ever have and will be fatal. Having explosive diarrhea is much worse than having appendicitus.
Having explosive diarrhea is much worse than having
by Anonymous September 11, 2003
when u shit so hard u ripp your ass hole
by bob May 01, 2003

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