A situation where your semi-mexican friend has bragged too much about 'nothing being to hot for me' and has to prove it one night when eating wings.
Tony V. ate some hot-wings so blistering that when the explosvie diarrhea consumed him at 2am he screamed from his anus bursting into flames.
by WonderMonkey September 29, 2003
noun. A ferocious eruption of liquid shit that usually ends up everywhere but the toilet. Colors range from orange to mustard brown.
"Anthony missed his class because he was busy spraying anal secretion on the walls from his bad case of Explosive diarrhea."
by ISHKABIBBLES May 02, 2007
when your using the john and you take a dump so focefully when you have diarhhea that it creates a loud bang as the crap ejects from your anus. known to leave Port-a-potties in ruins
by suffers from this condition May 09, 2003
diarrehea so powerful that you have to hold the toilet seat without flying off.
Diarrehea really bad that when your ass hits the seat your ass explodes out a very liquidy diarrehea and fills up the entire toilet.
I was on the toilet for 2 hours with explosive diarrehea. 10 minutes straight with dairrehea violently coming out.
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
A severe, temporarily debilitating bowel condition which can have dire consequences for any and all parties involved.
E.D. is usually caused by the consumption of excessively spicy or rich foods and, often, alcohol. Symptoms include:

1. Unexpected and odd-sounding bowel movements
2. The feeling of immediate urgency to find a toilet
3. The passing of large amounts of liquid faeces, usually accompanied by large amounts of gas.

E.D. is often a worrying experience. On release of the pent-up gas, the contents of the rectum are projected with speed out of the anus and into the toilet pan. The force of this release is often remarkable, and large amounts of liquid faeces can be sprayed over a surprising area of porcelain.

Needless to say, E.D. is not a condition which is convenient to develop when you are A) camping, or B) in someone else's restaurant, or C) in a public lavatory.

There is no known remedy for the symptoms of E.D., except to avoid eating spicy food in the first place.
1. Last night's curry gave me the worst explosive diarrhea... The toilet was a right mess.

2. I had E.D. in a public toilet once... the janitor called the bomb squad
by Urban Dictionary June 20, 2006
A mostly liquid rectal discharge of significant force and velocity resulting in fetid splatter throughout the interior of the toilet bowl, almost always accompanied by an intensely foul, gaseous emission caused by the violent release of putrified colonic gas. The relief from bowel pressure experienced after such an assplosion is usually offset by the burning sensation of anal itching known in the vernacular as the "Ring of Fire."
A morning after bout of explosive diarrhea confirmed that Vietnamese cuisine wasn't for me.
by pedrosian November 29, 2007
Noun. Casually referred to by some as a "toilet tempest"; however, this is no casual matter.

It is a serious condition that generally originates from the ingestion of Thai food that has not received an "A" on its recent health inspection examination. The first signs of the condition (i.e. flatulence to an instant need of new trousers) usually appear within 30 seconds to 6 hours after initial ingestion. Leave the premises in a hurry and find the nearest restroom. Sit down on the throne and push right through the initial traffic-jam. Think about popping the cork off a bottle of wine, it should soon start to flow. Like a storm. The term "toilet tempest" is derived thereof.

After a fierce, epic battle with the tempest, the wine bottle is finally empty. Now proceed to use up a whole roll of Charmin® Ultra Soft, even with the 25% bonus amount that you get when you buy a Costco pack. In the end, your anus will be (at least) chapped and bleeding, so you decide to leave a few squares of toilet paper in your underwear to soak up excess blood.

Well, upon trying to flush the toilet, you find that it has been clogged about 20 times over. Without your own plunger, you wash your hands (3 times) and leave the restroom. On the way out, you tell the janitor that there is a "surprise" waiting for him (of which he's already aware due to the stench that is peeling the paint off the walls). Finally, you go and find your friends and try to forget about the horrors that you've just experienced.
John: "Nick went with his friends to 'Wild Thai'. He ended up with explosive diarrhea."

Joe: "Toilet tempest, man!"
by pepto_bismol February 19, 2014

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