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things exotic or pleasantly strange/bizarre.
Her room is alive with exotica. There are kangaroo-skins, emu feathers, pangolin scales, dino eggs and so on and so forth.
by uttam maharjan 1 June 24, 2014
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a fit or hot girl of non local appearance. Typically asian, latin or mixed race
(walking down a busy street)

Roy: did you see that wee exotica waiting at the cash machine there?

Gavin: Aye, no bad.
by dogpish July 28, 2010
Spanish for exotic.Usually used to refer to a girl who is a freak (sexually) or has dirty thoughts.
Mami eres una exotica.
She was acting like an exotica on the dance floor.
Maria es tremenda exotica.
by Jose3189 May 10, 2006
a mix between erotica and exotic. as told by ross
your hair looks good either way. its just a matter of exotica or sexy
by haley kap May 11, 2006

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