A MMORPG (massive multiple online role playing game) that is a game that people who dont play shouldnt have to say anything about because it is stupid for them to comment on it because it doesnt affect them in the least.
It is a simple game, we entertain ourselves that way no need to stress yourself over it. Continue on with your life and we will move on with ours. =)
by Jared March 21, 2004
A game i bought and gave back, because i'm cheaper than a street corner hooker.
*puts in disc*
"Please pay"
"Fuck that."
by 3052 March 30, 2005
if it wore a drug it would be some sort of almalgamation between ice, crack, and nicotiene(to raise addictiviness) once you started to that you couldn't go back to regular drugs. and just like drugs it drains your cash. not every druggy is willing to do ice epecially if something better is around and equally not veryone who plays videogames would even think of play everquest.
my roomate in bording school tried go cold turky from everquest, he went through a month very cranky and had a look as if his desire to be a functional human being and his craven desire to play everyquest was tearing him to bloddy sheds on the inside. but thatnkfull winter rolled around and he had nothing better to do, and peace was restored to our room
by aeztek November 12, 2004
*puts on reading glasses and takes out a book called "Animals of the World"*

Everquest is the breeding ground of the nerdiranisaurus, otherwise known as a nerd, geek, dork, etc. Their real life selves feel less important to them than the 'breeding ground'. Thousands flock there daily, and none come out (well, none are sane anyway) It's a shame too, since they have to be rich to afford it and only become trapped for their entire life. Also the #1 cause of death on Earth, due to no one eating, sleeping, or drinking while under the influence of EverCrack.
Nerd1: a/s/l?
Nerd2: 6/nurd/in my own little world
by anonymous October 01, 2004
A very addictive game where you advance by killing things.
I played Everquest all night long!
by WarklanTD January 25, 2004
An online Roleplaying game where peeps run around as elves and stuff.
Although I cant imagine playing it myself that was funny what that guy said about a form of birth control.
by Da NavisLonga X May 03, 2005
The computer version of Everquest Online Adventures, or EQOA, among which it is either very popular because its addictive and MMORPG, or unpopular because of the monthly price attached to it.
Everquest is a game.....
by Scryden Delf SK August 01, 2003
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