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the spaceship goes into the port which then goes up and down and white fluid is released from the ship. a latex sheild is sometimes used when a ship is being attacked.
some peoples ship with never set sail.
by Steve-O February 22, 2005
preferring sex over something else.
... but sex is soooo much better
by steve-o June 06, 2003
the art of using your dick to ram either a pussy, an asshole, or a watermelon.
I was rammin that fuckin pussy last night. Since she didn't lemme cum, i fucked my own ass and then a huge watermelon.
by steve-o June 06, 2003
The most fucking hilarious movie the universe has ever seen.
Nuff said...
by Steve-O June 21, 2004
A punk rock band from Southern Califronia that maintains a strong melody and intellectual lyrics while still having a fat, fast, rock and roll sound. Kinda like the bastard son of NOFX and early Green Day, with the solid writing of Joey Cape.Formed in 1990 they have 7 albums on Fat Records, including the first ever release, Duh, in 1992.
Lagwagon is one of the last great underground punk bands, before everything went to shit after the 90's.
by Steve-o May 06, 2005
A good in the counterstrike forums
B@x will 0n3 d@y r3turn!!
by Steve-o July 27, 2003
the word when someone says something obvious
that chicks hot, well der!!
by Steve-O April 24, 2003
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