Everquest is a groundbreaking game created by Verant. It didn't create the MMORPG genre, but it brought the MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) genre to life with a revolutionary 3D world, unheard of in MMORPGs at the time. Unfortunately, it had numerous problems that dragged it down and turned it into a drug, rather than the intended interactive world. One core problem I always had with Everquest up to the Lost Dungeons of Norrath expansion was that the world felt very vast, yet incredibly devoid of "game" quality. Unlike World of Warcraft and similar games, you weren't lead very smoothly through the experience-, you had to truly focus on the experience to make it feel like a game rather than an enginge, scaffold for a game. The deeply flawed quest system just poured salt into the wounds of the game (you had to inquire about the object spoken of by the NPC, placed in brackets).

They eventually corrected this by adding several expansions, making travel much easier as well as just basic interaction. Unfortunately, this caused the attention of players to shift automatically towards new content, leaving the existing world devoid of people and deteriorating. On top of all of this, you could not afford to die in the game. If you died, you would return to a "bind point" as a nude and vulnerable character, where you would have to run all the way back to your corpse and loot it-, unprotected. This often lead to more deaths, amplified by the fact that you lost game experience every time you died (you could shrink in level). It was definitely a bold pioneering game, but ultimately had an abundance of disappointing flaws.
An example of one of the flawed quest dialogues in Everquest:
NPC: I have a small errand for you. Are you interested?
Player: I am interested.
Player: Grr... What errand?
Player: Errand?
by Mainshank January 03, 2006
It's like crack for nerds.
David's addicted to Everquest.
by Joe Jacobs December 14, 2004
1: A subscription Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that immerses the player in a fantasy world of wizards and quad-kiting
2: Also EverCrack, for its addictive nature
3: Also NeverSex do to the stereotypical loser that plays a game with no end to pretend he's a 1337 (leet) monk
4: Also Suck-Journey-of-the-Tool, a way to describe the coming of age (Online) of a total nerd
1: I love playing Everquest so I can pretend to be a lizard man and meet people to help me kill the same thing over and over. "I cast Magic Missile!" "I need more mana!"
2: Jack started playing EverQuest a few months ago. I hear he quit school and started turning tricks at the Blue Oyster to pay his subscription.
3: I went in that guy's room to ask if he had a stapler, and he was jacking it to that EverQuest statue again.
4: John said he found himself playing EverQuest, now he changed his name to Akiro and wears that robe everywhere and talks about LARP; he’s making kool-aid and talking about porting to the Nexus now, so I’d stay the hell away from him.
by Shasta McNasty July 09, 2003
A MMORPG that was around during 1999. It was the first of its kind and paved the way for games like WoW and LOTRO. Many people put Everquest down and say that it is a way to lose your kids, wife, and life. However, it is a game by any standard. The main objective of the game is to do end of content crap. Whatever that is, who cares?

It is a way for people to relax and chill out. Whoever says that this game is crap either -

1. Are pidgeon holed idiotic rabid consumers.
2. Have no imagination.

Im 15, and im very healthy and lead a very good social life. Therefore, your arguments are invalid.
Everquest is a game. People like it. Let us do our own thing, and you go screw yourselves. Thanks!
by jhkjykhl July 24, 2010
One of the best role-playing games I've seen. Doesn't have the boring one path story lines---instead go where you want, seek adventure. Something for advanced game players, not the mentally, or PC challenged. Is complex and satisfiying. Much better than mind draining TV. If it's raining, it's something fun to do~~unless you are busy dancing in the rain (which is fun too)
Many have opinions on EQ, few have any actual experience or knowledge of what the hell they are talking about. Those fat non-social loosers, still wouldn't want to play with you if EQ didn't exist.
by Xephyr January 24, 2004
An MMORPG (Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) created by Verant in the 90's. After undergoing several expansion packs, the game reached its final version. A player can choose from one of these races:wood elf, high elf, half elf, human, froglok, vah shir, troll, ogre, dwarf, gnome, iksar, barbarian, erudite, halfing, or dark elf, and from these classes (or character paths): rogue, druid, enchanter, ranger, magician, wizard, warrior, berserker, paladin, shadow knight, necromancer, shaman, monk, beastlord, bard.

There are currently seventy levels which a player can attain through adventuring across Norrath's 3 continents and moon.

EverQuest is highly addictive and can cause serious withdrawal from social situations, thus its alias 'EverCrack'.

However, the stereotype that one who plays EverQuest can't get laid is a myth: I played EverQuest consistently for several years of my life, eventually sold my character on Ebay for 200 dollars, and have no shortage of social situations or sexual partners.
Everquest can be fun, but don't play it too much.
by KBinator February 23, 2006
A game where an individual can escape his nerdy ways/reality and become L337.
I haven't been outside in 9 weeks, because I play everquest all day. My skin is so pasty and I have no life. "Want to cyber? Asl? 4/f/turkey?"
by Steve-o July 27, 2003

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