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A nerd who is neither geeky nor dorky. A nerd who knows who he is and what he is, and is confident in his superiority. A nerd neither lacking in social skills nor friendships. What all nerds aspire to become.
Hey, guys, don't talk about Tom like that. Just 'cause you aren't a nurd doesn't mean you have to display your jealously so openly.
by Tom Anchorhead December 10, 2003
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A middle schooler that thinks they are so cool because they got a party bus, even though that's retarted, because they can't even drink.
Middle Schooler on Facebook: "iGottzuhh partii busz!"
High Schooler on Facebook: "Nurd!"
by HatesNurdz May 22, 2011
(and just plain) Dumb
1: Hey look at that dude over there.
2: Who? Andrew fox?
1: yeah, he is such a nurd.
2: Like totally
by Stevie Wonder January 25, 2004
One of lower social standing than a mere nerd, one so low that they approximate a turd.
"That guy is nothing but a lousy effing nurd."
by Adolf bin Laden April 08, 2005

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