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1. something that remains perennially fresh, or interesting, something enduring

2. an article that is billed as news but is really penetrating analysis (from the notion that such material is perdurably useful)
I just had to call bullshit on the latest evergreen article the collage's paper published.
by The Return of Light Joker March 16, 2011
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A neighborhood located in The South eastern part of San Jose, CA. It is a part of East Side San Jose, although the outskirts are in the South Side of the city. It's population is a majority Asian and Hispanic. Because Evergreen is a large community, it is divided into 4 parts: East Evergreen, West Evergreen, North Evergreen, and South Evergreen. It is mostly a safe area to live. However, The western parts of Evergreen are where a majority of crime in San Jose occurs, besides the Story and King area. Crimes are linked back mostly to gangs, as Evergreen has many Norteno and Crip gangs, along several other gangs. Evergreen is commonly referred to as the "Eves" or "The Green".
Person1: Where you from?
Person2: Evergreen

P1: Where you reppin'?
P2: Shout out to the Eves!

P1: Which part of San Jo you from?
P2: The Green
by whasgud11 August 23, 2010
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man, we smell like evergreens.
by Ricky March 09, 2004
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A condition stemming from profuse marijuana use. Equivalent to a marijuana "hangover." Also referred to as "the Coniferous Disease"
We smoked a zone last night, and this morning I had a severe case of evergreen.

by Morgan Witt January 07, 2008
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As in always has greenbacks (money) a guy that has money. A guy that never has to think about money because he has soo much of it!!!
I like to date evergreens./////////////////////////////////////// //////////// //////////////// ////////////// //////////////////////
He's an evergreen.
by catcee September 12, 2013
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Code name of Nadia Santos (Sydney little sister in the television series Alias)
Syd (To nadia during a mission): Evergreen, you cannot proceed without comms.
by ariSai August 25, 2007
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