A strong man that is on the path to being very successful. That guy that you just know he has had sex with the girl of his choice. All the women want to be with him and all the guys want to be him.
He is such a great evan.
by ehrhs06 May 03, 2008
pimply man whore, who loves to stick his tongue down eight-graders throats (cougar!!!!!!) and loves his ex's twin sister because she has a firm ass!!!!!!! Evan's tend to obssesivley text twins and have "Dave the Wolf-Man" as a teacher. Evan's tend to prefer g-strings to thongs, and is half-virgin. Evan's are sik perv's HE LUVS SEX!!!!!! Evan's need a ton of sexual attention (girls or boys) and need a ton of lube for his huge pickle !
He is such an Evan, he made out with Claire and loves her sister now!!!!!!!!!
by Steve Hasset December 23, 2011
Also known as a douchebag. He thinks he is very intelligent and has too much self-esteem. He will tell you he loves you and then leave you hanging, because he's an asshole. He has a ginger brother named Brady, who is much cooler than him and can shoot three pointers.

An Evan's nose is often uncommonly large for his face. He has oddly hairy arms that don't suit his body. He only thinks bullshit and nonsense, because his mind is full of shit.
That Evan deserves to fuck a cactus.
by emmahhh July 08, 2014
the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. Handsome on the outside and inside. The best blue eyes ever. Such a cutie! The one you see and just wish he'd like you. Easy to talk to and always gives great advice.A wonferful Christian guy who every one wants to be friends with. If he loves you, you are blessed!
evan is that one boy who make your heart skip a beat every time you see him
by proverbs3130girl January 06, 2012
1. To become excited and partially aroused at the notion of Justin Bieber or Harry Potter 2. The act of milking a hamster
I'm gonna Evan my hamster! Once every six weeks you should Evan your hamster.
by raguthegreatwizardking November 07, 2010
Best guy friend to have! you can tell him anything and he'll straight up tell you what he thinks. he's honest, nice, athletic, and good-looking. He is, however, a bit of a whore. most of the time he's in a relationship but you never know with whom. still, you can't help but like him.
A: So, there's this guy creeping on me. its freaking me out.
Evan: Want me to beat him up?

A: How's your new girlfriend, Crystal?
Evan:I broke up with that chick last week...

Girl 1: Wow, he's soo hot! AND varsity football!
Girl 2: save it. he has a girlfriend...but he is sexy.
by curlygirl747 April 26, 2012
The greatest guy you will ever know. Someone who will love you with everything he has and never stop. Will look at you and tell you how beautiful and amazing you are everyday. Will kiss you so passionately that time will stop for that split second. When you see his face, your heart will skip a beat and you'll smile the whole time you're with him. He'll wait for you, even though you're 664 miles away from each other. He'll protect you and make sure you're at your best before he worries about himself. He will be your one and only. The only guy you will want to be with. For the rest of your life.
Alex: "Logan cheated on me again."
Me:"I'm sorry. You should find someone like Evan."
Alex:"You are so lucky."
by emmaly9678 October 19, 2013
He's the sweetest and funniest guy you will ever meet. He's great at guitar and will be one of your greatest friends.
"Evan is amazing"
by just that girl who like him June 26, 2013

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