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The maker of the Highest Quality drumheads available.
Person: My crap drusm ring out WAY too much!

Person 2: Throw some Evans Onyx skins on there!
by v ReacTiioN July 05, 2009
The $exie$t man alive
Person: hey, Evan, you're stupid
Evan: no, im the $exie$t man alive!
by stuff and stuffffff May 05, 2013
usually into rock music, sometimes mistaken for gay. all evans have the same hair wavy and brown. sometimes reddish
Evan and Michelle hooked up, but people still call him gay.

Did you hear evan rocking out to Zeppelin?
by Jimbo12334 August 30, 2008
Someone who is just completely terrible at something... Sports, for example. Can't play, misses the ball all the time, scores numerous points for the other team. Usually a nice guy, moderately intelligent and good natured; you just don't want him on your team. A curse will follow you should he be placed there.

Prone to making bets he can't win.

Can normally be spotted with loud laughter and talking good natured smack.
Guy 1: Man... They got a killer team.

Guy 2: That MAY be true... But... Check out center field. He's a total Evans.

Guy 1: Ahahaha... Good eye.


Guy 1: *Leaps for ball, misses, eats dirt*

Guy 2: I knew you were an Evans. We're soooo going to lose.


Guy 1: You hear that guy makin bets and talkin' smack earlier? Sounded pretty serious.

Guy 2: *waves hand* Don't worry I know the guy, he's a total Evans.

Guy 3: Yeah, totally.

Guy 1: Cool cool. Thought he might be, but he had me sweatin' for a minute.
by Animus Argentis December 20, 2009
An underground tree which blooms once every decade. Only the Evans moth feeds off the nectar. It has brown flowers
The fish swam into a cave until it was out of water and dying. Its last view was at the beautiful evans tree.
by Charlie Antelop June 09, 2006
Quite simply put, the epitome of awkward. He has a strange egg shaped head, talks a great deal about cars, his dogs, and how many shots he takes when he drinks. Its possible that he has reached his twenties and never had coitus, let alone have a serious relationship with a girl. In large social situations, he often spends time with a look confusion painted upon his egg shaped face and keeps to himself, only entering the conversation when the topic of cars arises. It is quite likely that he suffers from small dick syndrome, but remember girls, its not the size of the boat that matters, but the motion of the ocean.
Have you seen Evan lately?

Yes. That boy was so awkward I would rather sit through a 2 hour detailed conversation on the likes and dislikes of my parents sexual preferences then sit next to him again.

It was that bad?

I went into the situation with my highest expectation of the night being ok. My expectations were sadly low, and I was still disappointed. He was so disinterested I am beginning to think he just likes boys.
by Jetta Hater June 30, 2010
A very imbicillic child who enjoys making themselves look stupid for the enjoyment of others.
Boy 1: Dayumm, that evan is so funny because he jumped out a third story window!
by Rhazer July 12, 2009