1. The action of being addicted to stealing

2.Someone with the name Evan who likes to steal
He/she is such an Evan (dickhead)
by Somerandomguystartingwithn November 25, 2013
a guy who is just, like, the best, period. Most athletic in the world and pulls all the bate. Cops so many shoes he fits more in his closet than how many burgers Phillip Banks can throw down his stomach. 11-inch dick and sends every girl he fucks on the strecher. Eats the booty like groceries. Most interesting man in the world.
"Evan" eats my booty like groceries, awww it just makes me feel like salad WITH the dressing.
by FTASM May 21, 2015
A black Mexican that know how to have a great time and party till he drop
Evan has the most amazing style got them homies got bomb hair πŸ˜‚ and also the black speedy Gonzalez he is the most romantic he never will leave his girl and he will love her for ever he is like fresher than yo daddy and also boss and he told to tell u all WYMN(Why You Mad NIGGGA!!!!!!!!!
All around average. Average-height, average-looking...
generally from a small town, striving for a new identity as more southern than already perceived.
1) usually attracted to tall blond girls ~ 5'10.5''
2) loves to twerk
3) not good at basketball
4) 'former ginger'
"Yo, wasn't that blond boy's hair red just last week?"
"He pulled an evan."

"Look there's the 'one-who-must-not-be-named!"
"Quick, check that bush for an evan! I'm sure there's one hiding somewhere around here."
by yoursMB March 24, 2013
a fucking douche bag; can also be considered a man whore.
"He's such an evan"
"He broke up with a girl then went out with another one a day later."
by kkkaaammm August 20, 2012
Evan is a guy with an incredibly small penis usually grows hair long and looks like a pussy
OMG Evan is such a pussy
by Dylan Kettle May 29, 2016
A complete gay douche, likes rocks and gum
Dude, stop being a complete and total evan....
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