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Utini for kick ass teddy bear with an attitude.

You don't want this buggar pissed at you thats for sure
Ewok Joe decapitated Ewok Tim
by Average_Joe August 03, 2004
ewoks are just stoned teddy bears chillin in they orange hoodies

made famous by star wars: return of the jedi
yo, dont hate on the ewoks, they just chillin there in they woodland huts
by skylyr shadows August 13, 2007
an Oahu acronym standing for Easy Women of Kailua
Ho bra... I went bang that EWOK last night... CHEEHOO!!!
by Sam Chong December 03, 2005
Star Wars. small furry beings that build tree houses and use primitive tools most of their species live on Endor
"Wicket C. Warret is the most famous Ewok"
by T-Bird June 23, 2004
Sex-crazed midget-bears from the movie star wars. Princess Leia hooks up with an Ewok named Wickett and they end up having hot sex with C3P0 after the Death Star is destroyed.
The Ewok socked the punk-ass droid in the face.
by Ken Benobi March 08, 2003
Easy Women Of Kailua = those horrible girls that can be easily spotted around Kailua, Hawaii. They are given that nickname.
Best known for sleeping around, enough people know, just disgusting chicks.
"E.W.O.K.'s make better lovers" or "Yup, she's an E.W.O.K."
by Kaleilei October 21, 2008
Motorcyle slang referring to a rider with a bike that is WAY beyond their capabilities. A metaphor between a rider so inexperienced atop a fast motorcycle and the Ewok piloting a Stortrooper speeder bike in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
Anyone see that Ewok duck-walking his Hayabusa?
by paddywhack June 27, 2009
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