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One who secretly loves watching chick flicks. His favorite time of the year is Valentine's Day where he can literally have a tough time deciding what movie to see.

Will have a large selection of manly movies in his archives to hide the fact that he would rather get a parafin wax than play football or go to the bar with his friends. Open up a movie. I'll bet Nottinghill falls out.

Beware of the man trampstamp, he's either got one or planning for it.
Dan: Hey Rick, lets go to the gym, then to the bar and pull chicks.
Rick: Sounds good, I could use a good pump. Should we ask you know who to join us?
Dan: Are you kidding me, his night is already spoken for. He's hitting the salon, then a few chick flicks with his lady. Man, it's not even February.

Rick: He is such an Erik.
#feminine #girlygirl #softy #tender #dainty #womanish
by BigNeeko February 20, 2010
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