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someone who knows all the right things to say, who want to know how you're "really" feeling.
"i think i would know, i'm a counselor. anger is a secondary emotion, what are you really feeling?"
by Jalaina Thurman April 12, 2008
counselours can be overall good people if they give a damn. if they dont they can ruin your life without mercy and make you feel like shit.

school counselors: distgusting pigs who can ruin suicidal children lives without care about their feelings

work counselors: most likely good people they did take lessons on how to treat greiving people. and can probably help you.
school counselors:Wow! Mrs.McDonald ruined Jordans life by telling her parents he was suicidal! WHAT A PIG!

work counselors:Yess! now Jordan has his life together and can live independently.
by whyihatethem October 08, 2009
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