The event in which the penis becomes stiff and hard ready to get stroked,inserted,sucked,stucked,beated,ejaculated,bent,kicked,kneed,etc.
"Wow this porno video is giving me an erection!"
by Josh May 11, 2003
When your penis stands to attention. See boner, stiffy.
Thinking about my girlfriend always gives me an erection.
by urban pervert April 25, 2003
when a man's penus is filled with blood due to sexual arousal.

Often annoying or embarrasing in public, and is tried to be hidden (usually tucked up in the waistband of pants/underwear)

*frequent to young boys and teens in puberty
Jacob was in wonder aas Melissa walked by him to the board in class one day. He stared at her perfect ass as it went by. Before he knew it he had a boner. A big fat erection.

He tried to push is down but his head rubbed against the soft material of his plaid hollister boxers but that just stimulated it even more. He had to unbutton his pants to let it breath a little. Now he can't help but to start stroking it. It felt so good.

As Melissa walked back to her seat next to Jacob she notices his big boner. She always had a crush on him and now she decided to make her move. She reached over and started to furiously rub her hand up and down on his already hard dick. He moaned wit pleasure.

Jacob couldn't hold it in anymore and he finally let go and a hot sticky stream of jizz released all over his pants and boxers. It was the best class f his life.
by boxerboy02 December 31, 2009
A way by which a man's penis makes its presence, as well as it's true needs felt, after being used for most of the life as a pee-pipe.
Johnny had an erection. His penis seemed happy.
by InfinitZ April 15, 2011
hot steaming penis.
usually steaming in the wind.
by Andy Black February 02, 2004
God gift to women everywhere
Erection is the perfect gift for women
by eKnight December 19, 2010
flesh eating disease that makes the penis much larger, less flexible, gives your semen acid firing powers , and hypnotizes you to think that your enjoying it yet inside you are filled with regret because u forgot to put a your elastic covering
Erection is the gateway drug to sex addiction
by instafindafailare February 04, 2011

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