flesh eating disease that makes the penis much larger, less flexible, gives your semen acid firing powers , and hypnotizes you to think that your enjoying it yet inside you are filled with regret because u forgot to put a your elastic covering
Erection is the gateway drug to sex addiction
by instafindafailare February 04, 2011
A huge ass boner
Having sex then going to the pool is a bad idea, especially with a erection
by Poop lord 2000 August 21, 2014
This is a word describing the insurgence of a "hard on" or enlargement of the penis or clitoris while engaging in the act of looking at sexual content online. The "e" portion stands for electronic, the "rection" portion stands for enlarged.
I got an e-rection while browsing online at beautiful models.

by glock17 - Rick January 07, 2007
romance novel language for being hard
she looked down and gasped at his enormous erection
via giphy
by glyphmisstress March 17, 2016
An erection is a powerful trick that a penis does when it becomes sexually aroused. Like an elephant's trunk, it can raise up high into the sky. The erection is often used for sexual intercourse and masturbating or even being naked. And teenagers love to get erections, but sometimes, the get an unexpected one in public, and they will try to ignore it.
Ross stared at joy at Julianne's bare midriff as she walked up to the front of the school board. Before long, his penis began to stiffen and relax as it pressed against his jeans. Then he looked down and saw the erection. He took off all of his clothes to give the penis some air. Now, Ross was naked as a seal and lied down on the desk bare and began rubbing the boner with his middle finger. Julianne noticed Ross and became attracted by the session. Finally, the snout of the penis released semen and Ross wiped it off with a towel. Julianne fell in love with Ross and said "Great job masturbating." as I smiled nervously and blushed, and Julianne kissed my bare body.
by VBruno August 19, 2013
Something you get when you don't want it and don't get it when you do want it
Damnit, I got an erection at the pool.

Damnit, I want to jack off but I can't get an erection.
by asdfgfdsgsd January 01, 2007
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