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When a male or female is sexually aroused, they get an erection. For the male, the penis arches up and becomes stiff. For the female, her clitoris, inside her vagina, becomes stiffer.
He had an erection right before intercourse
by InfoNATION May 23, 2007
1 a.Its when your wang gets hard.
b.This is also when its at its longest
2. the result of seeing a fine woman.
3. the state of standing at attention
1a. Man, my wang feels like wood.
b. Dayum...my ruler isn't long enough.
2. w00t. *shwing, shlong erects*
3. Unit, ATTENTION! *command voice*
by Mac Daddy Kings May 12, 2003
when your penis is fully up and ready to go :)
girl: can i blow you yet?

guy: yes, i have the biggest erection

girl: whoopie!!!!
by dcd13' (tmtmtmtmtm) October 07, 2009
Japanese pronunciation for ELECTION
Today, being erection day, I almost pissed my pants when my vote wasn't counted.
by daryl671 November 07, 2006
What a male sometimes gets when he sees a female that turns him on.
Male See Sexy Female He Get Erection If he has the looks she will settle him down

After my girlfriend finally laughed at one of my jokes, she gave me an erection cuz she not only laffed but laffed like hell.
by Ali Bashir January 31, 2006
ER-REC-TION- A boner, wood, hard on, stiffy, pop up, hard tube. All of these words are used to describe an erected penis.
I got an erection after the milf walked by me and let me sniff her poon. Soon after I put my erection in her cha cha for ejactulating purposes
by Matt May 11, 2003
a building; the end result of a construction crew's erecting efforts.
Just looking at that big, beautiful erection that Frank Lloyd Wright designed gives me an erection.
by Nick D April 18, 2003