a building; the end result of a construction crew's erecting efforts.
Just looking at that big, beautiful erection that Frank Lloyd Wright designed gives me an erection.
by Nick D April 18, 2003
The firm and enlarged condition of a body organ or part when the erectile tissue surrounding it becomes filled with blood, especially such a condition of the penis or clitoris.
He got an erection after thinking about his dog
by beliwell February 06, 2003
ER-REC-TION- A boner, wood, hard on, stiffy, pop up, hard tube. All of these words are used to describe an erected penis.
I got an erection after the milf walked by me and let me sniff her poon. Soon after I put my erection in her cha cha for ejactulating purposes
by Matt May 11, 2003
1)the rapid outward movement of the penis with the cause being sexual activity, thinking about sexual activity, or seeing a hot girl

2) Word used is Boner
3)Only funny word used in Anchorman
4) Also: will not go away by bending it in (i no from experience)
5) Tip: Never try to get them in school, u will be made fun of!!!
Mr. Burgundy u have a massive erection
She's so hot shes givin me a Boner

Female 1: What the hell is stickin out if ur pants
Female 2: Nothing.. (looks around,tries to bend it in)
by rob August 02, 2004
1. A hard, stiff, and throbing state of a male's penis 2. Used to be inserted in a women's vagina or anus.
1. I have an erection after thinking of some swedish pornogrphy 2. I stuck my erection is suzies asshole because her vagina was to lose and floppy
by colin passy April 30, 2003
Chinese democracy
Chang: "Who are you voting for in the erection?"
#election #obama #democracy #communism #china
by girondinho February 08, 2009
1: A man doing something wrong.
2: The precursor to females getting something she doesn't deserve.
3: According to modern feminism, a synonym for impending rape, which is also a synonym for consensual sex, including sex which has been initiated and asked for by a women.
4: The source of weakness in men.
5: The one thing every women wants to see banned, burned and bashed.

6: An hourly occurrence for me at work.
Gloria-"That dirty bastard had an erection with you! On yoru honeymoon? Girl let me tell you, he raped you, he used hsi erection on you."

Frank-"I know, I know I'm stupid and I should have just thrown her off the building for saying that, but I had an erection."

Sheila and Tamra-"If we could only cure the common erection, the world would be perfect."

Angelina-"My husband claims he loves me, but then he gets an erection."
#erection #feminist #sex #penis #evil #dirty
by Dry Rubber Chicken July 21, 2010
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