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Men who cant stand up for their women if you know what I mean.
Wanna have sex? Nope got Erectile disfunction and cant have sex.
by Penis-Meister121 April 19, 2007
Chronic Wangular Softitude
Old Man's Penis
Bob Dole suffers from Old Man Penis, and as a result uses Viagra
by NinjaPirate April 22, 2003
the inabilaty to sport wood
old poeple have erectile disfunction
by Big_T October 15, 2003
the worst thing known to man!
dude i fucking hate erectile dysfunction
by dirty old man April 26, 2005
A condition causing the penis to be un-capable of becoming erect.
Limp dick, floppy wood, Amber.
by Shaun Coffin (ducky) April 21, 2003