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Chronic Wangular Softitude
Old Man's Penis
Bob Dole suffers from Old Man Penis, and as a result uses Viagra
by NinjaPirate April 22, 2003
A woman's or gay man's mouth.
Shut your cock washer, bitch.
by NinjaPirate September 19, 2005
A blunt rolled up with crack in it.
Man, my crazy ass neighbor asked if I wanted to smoke a hundred dollar blunt with him, but I don't get down with the crack rock.
by NinjaPirate September 19, 2005
amalgamation of two great words: parp and bhwarg
Dr Parpenbhwarg I presume?
by NinjaPirate March 13, 2003
a slang term for penis
Look at the size of that transexual's fireman!
by NinjaPirate March 23, 2003
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