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A condition causing the penis to be un-capable of becoming erect.
Limp dick, floppy wood, Amber.
by Shaun Coffin (ducky) April 21, 2003
58 18
Chronic Wangular Softitude
Old Man's Penis
Bob Dole suffers from Old Man Penis, and as a result uses Viagra
by NinjaPirate April 22, 2003
152 56
the inabilaty to sport wood
old poeple have erectile disfunction
by Big_T October 15, 2003
99 31
Men who cant stand up for their women if you know what I mean.
Wanna have sex? Nope got Erectile disfunction and cant have sex.
by Penis-Meister121 April 19, 2007
69 13
the worst thing known to man!
dude i fucking hate erectile dysfunction
by dirty old man April 26, 2005
76 33