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A good game which becomes even greater because it makes idiots on the Internet furious. These idiots, known by terms such as tourneyfag, tourneytard, faggot, queer, NEERRD, and other such names believe that this is a bad game because they can no longer wavedash. The real story is that they don't want to have to learn how to play Brawl so they would rather complain about it, fail at ruining the fun for everyone else, engage in fanboy entitlement, or try to hack the game and turn it into Melee: No Fun Championship Turbo Edition 95.
Person A: Damn, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is great. But what could make it even better?

Person B: *whines about no wavedashing, pratfalls, and other stupid shit*

Person A: Thanks, that's just what I needed! *picks Yoshi, goes to Smashville and owns Person B*

Person B: Damnit! If I was on Final Destination and if items were turned off and if I had picked Fox instead of Falco I would have beaten your casualfag ass!
by Hoppered March 05, 2010

A group of people who play and enjoy video games. Most gamers, including the so-called hardcore gamers started off as this. They play games because they are fun. Some may find fun in making a high score. Others may find joy in hanging out with their friends while playing popular games. These popular games change over the years. Some series with hardcore fans as the primary audience today (ex. Street Fighter) were at their peak of popularity when a wide variety of audiences played them. Casual fans are blamed for the increase in bad games, but those who say this either never owned a NES or a Sega Genesis (two examples of great systems with tons of crap games) or are mad at the fact that there are people who would rather play Wii Sports Resort than Call of Duty. What they don't realize is that Call of Duty is a game also played by casual gamers. These same individuals complain whenever they see a game like Mushihime-sama, BlazBlue or Tales of Monkey Island. They see these games (and others like them) as too old, too ugly, tookiddy, or way too hard. When another sequel comes out for Madden, they bitch and complain and yet when games which match their old-school tastes are released most of these hardcore gamers refuse to buy them unless if they are sequels to popular series (ex. Mega Man 10).
Jamal the casual gamer likes playing Grand Theft Auto 4. He also likes playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. He loves playing these games alone but he finds them even more fun when he's playing them with his friends.

Jenny the hardcore gamer hates people who play those games. She thinks that anyone who plays these games is a moron. She's never met Jamal but clearly his tastes show that he's not very smart. How could anyone enjoy games like Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Grand Theft Auto 4? Doesn't he know that REAL gamers play games like Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, and Super Street Fighter IV?
by Hoppered July 11, 2010
1. A common ailment of fanboys and fangirls; Such individuals believe that because they watch a program, buy a product, or attend a show that they are on the same level as the person (or people) who worked on the entertainment that they enjoy. Whenever things don't turn out how they think it should, they bitch, whine, and complain.

2. A common ailment of some persons who identify as white; Some may claim that they do not see race (i.e. say they are colorblind), but they'll inevitably cry about blacks being criminals, browns being illegals, and reds being corrupt casino owners. A few may have token praise for the yellows being responsible and better than those other not-so-Model Minorities. They are fans of stereotypes. Such individuals believe that they are completely flawless and often go out of their way to point out the flaws in others. They love treating a few people as representations of everyone they hate. Whenever they don't get a job, it's because of affirmative action. When they don't pass a test, it's because the teacher was being mean. When someone calls them out for having a stupid opinion, it's the fault of political correctness, liberals, Satan, fascists, etc. No matter what they do, it's always someone else's fault.

Both definitions tend to have individuals who match both types of entitlement. If you encounter such individuals, make sure to mock and troll them to no end for lulz.

Damnit, I've been a long time fan for a long time! *insert person here* should cater to MY demands and if they don't I'm going to make a massive ass out of myself online! I won't stop watching. I won't stop reading. I will however keep going on and on and on about how my *favorite series/one true pairing/whatever* is forever ruined. My head is big, my brain is small, and I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement!


Damnit, I'm a REAL American and everyone on this planet should bow to me! I DESERVED THAT *insert position here* and if I don't get I'm going to *whine/babble on Fox News/glare at black people/drag my useless ass to a Tea Party protest*! My head is big, my brain is small, and I have a ridiculous sense of entitlement!
by Hoppered July 11, 2010

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