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An idea that stood for the equality of women and men once (about 30 years ago)but is now just about kicking men in the balls and treating them with extreme bias and unfairness.
"Dude how's your new job at the gas station?"

"It's great. I sure wish feminism hadn't frightened me away from college though."
by jethro March 07, 2006
1.) Point at which a male's opinions become utterly worthless.
2.) Point at which a male must spend weekends at the Mall
3.) Point at which a male must buy hundreds of shoes from italy
4.) Point at which a female stops working due to getting knocked up, thus forcing male further into the pits of hell
"I can't dude, I'm married"
by jethro January 16, 2004
In the USA: Legalized slavery for men. Legalized "you can do no wrong" for women.
Marriage gave her all of the power and me all of the responsibility. If I spoke out against this, I was a rapist or a murderer. I guess I am forced to stay married or go to jail and lose my house and kids.

by jethro January 03, 2006
A sandwich, made of ass and poo. From a Jack Chick parody strip.
This is an ASS SANDWICH. It is made of ASS and POO.
by Jethro December 06, 2003
abbrev: Soccermoms United in Vacuousness
"Our boys are dying in some desert somewhere for these SUV's"
by jethro January 16, 2004
The equivalent of "going over on one's ankle"
Lambchops cruckled whilst wearing glass heels and it was very nasty
by Jethro April 18, 2004
A slang term for a homosexual male. Many groups take offense to it's use, mainly pirates.
Yarr, if ye be a pirate smoker then ye are welcome on our ship, though ye won't be smokin' any of us.
by Jethro December 06, 2003
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