An asshole, dick head, douche bag that thinks he or she is right about everything by uttering these words "I am an Engineer"
Bill justified why he was right to Susan by saying "I am an engineer".
by Not an engineer July 03, 2015
The member of a Ships crew who spends his day drinking tea and complaining about the true masters of the ship, the deck officer.
Commonly known to cover himself in baby oil and tribal engine grease and perform an hour long dance ritual before any task.
Has severe adversions to sunlight
"Is that a Neanderthall on deck?"
"No it's an Engineer"
by Offshore_Deckie February 05, 2012
Someone who is near a lot of engines.
Look at all these engines around me. There must be some engineers around here somewhere.
by Anthony Andrew January 28, 2013
1. Usually a person that studies engineering and works in the field after graduating.
2. Can usually have a very strange, peculiar personality, usually because of pushy parents who stressed them to become engineers. 75% of the time, the parents aren't even engineers or smart, they just want their kids to do what they couldn't do.
3. Can be very intelligent, or in many cases, very arrogant people. Will not only claim to know everything about engineering, but also about the government, medicine, even professional sports. However, while you can't beat them at engineering knowledge, do stand up to them when they claim to know more about something you know a lot about. Sadly enough, many engineers have an ego.
1. John earned a Chemical Engineering degree and now works for Dupont making polymers.
2. Joe had a pushy mother that worked as a secretary. She made him finish every math workbook she could find until he could ace Calculus in the eighth grade. Joe now lacks appropriate interpersonal skills and cannot keep friends.
3. Mark knows everything about aerospace engineering and fixing my computer, but he thinks he knows everything about basketball, even though I played college ball. He thinks it's a game of numbers, when it's really about attitude, heart and practice, and whether or not the goddamn coach likes you!
by samjung23 July 04, 2005
An engineer is one who runs a train on a chick.
Last night, we all hit it one after another. We are engineers!
by Regulator April 17, 2006
1. A individual who accidentally wrote down "engineering" in his/her degree field when filling out college applications, just because said mom/dad/relatives/society pressured them with promises of jewels and riches upon graduation, only to find that they are masters and lords of the 8x5 ft. cubicle at said dead-end job. Often settles with a liberal arts/advertising partner to feel intellectually superior within his/her home. Has compulsive attitudes towards arranging kitchen utensils or other minor items within his/her household, and can become anal-retentive when gardening, mowing, or other yardwork activities.

Frequently cried him/herself until class the next day, since sleep was and still is nonexistent.
John was a great engineer and could solve problems, but couldn't understand why his children became druggies and burnouts at age 16.
by Luciously January 04, 2008
A failed physics student.
Jimmy used to be a physics major but he found it too hard so he had to settle for engineering.
by Someone213123 September 04, 2011
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