Someone who takes the view that if its broken it should be fixed, if its not broken it needs to be taken apart to find out why, theoretically to make future designs not be broken, really to break it so they can fix it.

In general have advanced math and science skills, engineers solve practical problems and design things, not to be confused with scientists, who discover things, or workmen who make things.

The scientist discovers a new material and its properties, the engineer uses this to design a new building, the workman makes the building.

Often engineers have trouble socializing, this is because they speak and think in numbers, and have tendency to "mental multi-task" i.e. Halfway through a conversation they will devote half their brain to designing a better sort of person to talk to.

Whatever it says, if it doesn't have a degree, its not an engineer, its something that wants to feel important.
My friend is an engineer
where did he study
prestigious university
by Gambler'sDice June 11, 2007
One who often finds himself in the middle of the battlefield collecting metal and building machines (such as teleporters) to help ensure victory. Arch enemy of the spy. Common phrases include; "Teleporter goin up" "Sentry goin up" and "SPY SAPPIN MY SENTRY!"
You: Hey engineer, keep checking your back. There's a spy around.

by LON Master 000 February 04, 2009
A professional with extensive mathematical and scientific skills. Engineering has many different types of careers: civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and so on and so forth.

They are underpaid when compared to other fields such as medicine. That isn't to say that doctors don't deserve those massive paychecks. A medical mistake can kill one person, but an engineering mistake can kill hundreds and thousands of people.

Engineers have heavy burdens to carry, and should be respected. Everything around you was designed by an engineer.
Engineers are individuals who solve the problems ordinary people can't.
by engineering major December 03, 2010
someone who solves practical problems
If building stuff isn't solving problems then the engineer don't know what is.
by Bmaster April 01, 2010
The perfect superhuman.
Usually ripped on by others for using university for it's original intention, to study.

When arts students come across an engineering student they will usually make a weak attempt at a joke, as they are intimidated by an engineers superior intelligence.
Arts student: Hey look its an engineering student... i uh.. i uh bet he doesnt do the sex!

Engineering student: Sorry, how much can you get paid from only having your arts undergrad?
by Im_too_smart July 17, 2011
An accredited psychopath. Psychopathic tendencies are not usely inherent, but emerge after the proto-engineer (see: student) has been run through courses like statics, thermodynamics, and circuits.
The difference between a psychopath and an engineer is that one has a degree.
an individual with extreme mathematical mechanical electrical physiological and other type knowledge. usually has limited knowledge or interest in all things liberal arts. usually has loathing of scientists who never contribute anything to society. are personally responsible for critical features of the earth such as terran rotation, gravity, the speed of light, and heisenberg's uncertainty principle and can change any of these principles with the power of thought.
engineers mke the world work, and often they have very good rapport with members of the opposite sex as long as they are fellow engineers and not skank liberal arts wastes of life and tuition
by bmedork January 04, 2004

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