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normally a turkish girl. They are smart with brown hair and brown eyes. They have there blonde moments. THay are really pretty but also ver shy. They are really nice and hate hurting other peoples feelings
person 1:That girl who sits in the first row is really pretty yet so shy, I don't know what to say to her.
person 2: Go talk to her she's an elif their usally nice.
#elif #nice #smart #shy #pretty
by snazzzygurrrl January 23, 2009
Elif is usually a very smart, articulate, intelligent woman.

In Hebrew it means will of God.

Very common Turkish girl name.

In Greek, it is the Alpha, first letter of the alphabet.

She may be nice but won't forget if you cross her.

Has to deal with a lot of success and good luck and the jealousy that comes with it.

Elifs usually get what they want.
That's so Elif

Did Elif win the lottery again?
#aleaf #elief #leif #alive #life
by luckychick February 05, 2010
ELIF - Explain Like I'm Five.

If you don't understand something, and want it explained in plain language that a five year old could understand. When you ask ELIF, it should prompt the communicator to be clear and concise, without making assumptions about your prior knowledge of any related topic. The explanation should not be condescending.
There was a horse on the fourth floor of my school. There are no elevators. Someone ELIF how that's possible.
#elic #explainlikeim5 #eitmlif #explain #what #explainlikeimfive
by Wobb May 15, 2014
Elif usually refers to a turkish 'euro-trash' blonde girl who will go to great lenghts to flirt with guys and loves doing what are considered 'crazy but fun' things.
"she's so elif, she is a slave to every new maazine hairstyle but looks good doing it"
by Pimped out guy May 02, 2005
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