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An ass, generally in reference to a woman, that lacks curvature or "junk in the trunk." The ass is very flat much like that of an elephant in appearance.
That girl has the flattest ass ever, she is suffering from a severe case of elephant ass.
by Ed1_2Many January 21, 2008
Simply put, it's when the ass eats the pants. Usually happens when there is excess space in the seat of the pant, thus causing some fabric to be pulled inward into the colon area.
Dude, did you see that old guy in the khaki's? He had major elephant ass!
by Hoegarden October 14, 2007
In golf when a shot is high and shitty, resembling an elephants ass.
(friend makes a horrible shot) *cough* elephant ass *cough*
by SALTYteaBAG May 29, 2012
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