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An individual who partakes in the sport of Golfing.
ThongSnapper sure is a pretty fucking horrible golfer. He couldn't play golf to save his own non-existent dick.
by thisisntmeatalliswear January 07, 2012
A ridiculous non-slang term used by little immature dickwads who're trying to appear cool.
herpaderp i'm a golfer
herp derp he's so golfa
by DXB09 January 08, 2012
An individual with dark skin. A black person.

As heard on the Opie and Anthony show on XM channel 202.
Watch out for that golfer!!!
by TVL April 13, 2005
Slang for lesbian, comes from the fact that many WPGA golfers are lesbians
That butch chick is a total golfer.
by Leeny Powers August 16, 2005
A black person. An African-American.
That Swedish supermodel married a golfer?
by TVL November 03, 2004
a drunk liar in ugly clothes who plays with his balls in public
Look at those golfers. They're such strange, yet silly people.
by Onewhoflies October 17, 2006
Twat. Distinct from a 'cunt'; a dickhead.
"Whatever, you golfer."
by MrT. January 11, 2007