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To have oil spit from a pot while deep frying.
The oil ejaculated while the penis shaped beigne was in the pot.
by Penis_Beigne May 28, 2010
5 10
A gigantic douchebag that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make himself synonymous with baby batter. See Kenny G
Pete: "Jesus, did you hear about John Tesh putting out another album?"

Wendy: "Yeah, that prick is nothing but society's ejaculate."
by Leroy Tabbins February 16, 2009
5 18
To get yo man juice up on yo hoe and she be like shiiiiiit!

Note: Also see skeet... ..
I ejaculated all over your mom's face last night right after you left the room son.

I ejaculated (skeeted) so much yo dog drowned.
by M-dizzawgs April 13, 2005
47 62
Also used as a projectile weapon that can move at very high speeds.
18:23 <YonOid> shoulda shot them in the eye 18:23 <aC|D6> with ejaculate?.
by Foug April 09, 2003
10 27
to exclam or say somthing

on the hardy boys one says "look out billy"hank ejaculated
by Sir Taylor of Pants December 03, 2003
10 35