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-A car that Mitsubishi designed to ruin the racing industry. Unless it does not have 3 letters after the word Eclipse, it is a waste of plastic!

-Usually the car in the parking lot with the unpainted body kit and wing that taps street lights as it goes by.
"Hey Mike I just hooked my car up with the new SLP intake..."

"Really, I just got put an Eclipse sticker on my windsheild just in case someone cant guess what it is!"
by Iceman March 08, 2005
32 45
More widely known as a "cuntmobile", the Eclipse is the vehicle most often purchased by people who don't know how to spend money, think applying racing stickers constitutes pimping a ride, or who lost all self confidence after being touched by their fathers. Often seen parked in front of chain stores, trailers, and anywhere shitty music is played loud.
"Dude, A and F has a sick sale on accessories for the modern douchebag. Lets take the Eclipse!"

"Mofo says his Porsche can take my Eclipse - He don't know I got four cylinders and a JEGS decal."
by Chip Gremlin April 08, 2008
28 57
The third book in the Twilight series written by Stephenie Meyer. The best of the series is Breaking Dawn this book is my least favorite and my least remembered. But alot of people say it is one of their favorites.
Sam: "My favorite books in the Twilight series are as follows 1.Breaking Dawn(4th book) 2.Twilight (1st book) 3.Eclipse (3rd book)4. New moon (2nd book)"
Tonya: "Mine are 1.Breaking Dawn 2.Twilight 3.New Moon 4.Eclipse"
by TinySnow December 13, 2008
7 37
A car that trashy young women love to drive. Usually accented with a bumper sticker that says either 'I'm not a bitch, I am THE bitch' or 'Princess'... either one accented with glitter, of course.
"I drive an Eclipse, and I've had the clap twice"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
20 54
A chicks car that people think is so fast and so cool looking but u only see girls driving it most of the time
This guy that he was so cool driving in a chick's car
by mike November 25, 2004
25 63
o filthey

str8 gangsta

has 9846590345 bitches

fuck a bitch gimme head ho
That nigga Eclipse sure pimps those bitches.
by The one and only January 09, 2005
9 48
Third book followed after twilight and new moon written by the most amazing author who without i'd....DIE. Picks up with bella readin a letter from jacob(<3) There's action, suspense, SADNESS(u will CRY),challenges, choices and most of all LOVE
I worship Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. "This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lipse crushed mine- like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us."
by sinfinity September 04, 2007
143 184
An Idiot's road car, someone that loves these really needs help. 1,2,3 gens don't matter, Poor Highschooler's 355 wanna be.

Makes a good chicken Coop, or Field Car.
Hey look at all those eclipse' outside of that Burger King.

My mom thinks an eclipse looks like a over-grown tampon.
by Rizeman April 22, 2004
24 86