When a man or woman's stomach is so fat their belly hangs over their pubic region.

Eclipses can range in size. A full eclipse would be defined by complete coverage. For a man, he would have to lift his stomach in order to pee while standing.
Yo, check out the eclipse on that fat-ass! He's one lunar cycle away from being able to have sex with his own belly button!
by Hack Attack August 01, 2011
Mitsubishi Eclipse

A girl's car, guys drive the Evo.
Girl: Hey you like my eclipse?
Me: Oh yeah sexy, fits you perfectly :)
by the real game June 03, 2007
The act of squatting over a volunteer's face, inserting phallus into opposing mouth and gently placing each testicle upon corresponding eye sockets. Optional: Acquire Mag light and shine through scrotum, creating a reddish testicular eclipse.
Fuzz was enchanted by the crimson hue cast during his first testicular eclipse.
by Spawn of Rape October 20, 2006
The anti domestic. With Power capablities surpasing 650 hp mullet mobiles.
(for eclipses after 99 please see definition for "steamer")
person 1: Damn that 2g eclipse just fucking owned that domestic. that mustang must have like mis shifted or something.
Person 2: dude that stang is an automatic.
by tpunx99GSX March 18, 2004
-A car that Mitsubishi designed to ruin the racing industry. Unless it does not have 3 letters after the word Eclipse, it is a waste of plastic!

-Usually the car in the parking lot with the unpainted body kit and wing that taps street lights as it goes by.
"Hey Mike I just hooked my car up with the new SLP intake..."

"Really, I just got put an Eclipse sticker on my windsheild just in case someone cant guess what it is!"
by Iceman March 08, 2005
Possibly the best car ever made EXCEPT 3rd generation
WOW that 2g Eclipse is so much faster than that 3rd gen Eclipse.
by Blow me November 24, 2002
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