Girl who is always not interested.
She is being her usual Stephenie self.
by Raallly February 08, 2010
Stephenie is a outgoing and shy girl at the same time, she is shy about asking you out, She is friendly, sweet, cool, and loving............... If you like a Stephenie go for her she is HOT, FUNNY, HUGABLE...... AND SHE IS PERFECT IN EVERYWAY.... EVEN IF YOU JUST NEED A FRIEND SHE IS A GREAT LISTENER, RESPECTFUL, TRUSTWORTHY GIRL. GO FOR IT GET A STEPHENIE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG, can I be friends with your friend Stephenie.
by NikkiS8p November 12, 2013
Often thought of as a writer by those other than herself, obsessed with being bitten by a vampire in some dark alley in Italy
I am not a Stephenie! I can't write 700 pages in two days!
by lissiemd September 02, 2008

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