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The main character of the Twilight series. written as exceptionally clumsy with unbelievable bad luck. described to be very beautiful yet highly insecure.

She moves from Phoenix, AZ to Forks WA to live with her father. upon settling in the most sunless peninsula in the United States she meets and falls madly in love with Edward Cullen who is a vampire.

Her incredible bad luck and "mouthwatering sent" attract Edward Cullen thus resulting in a complicated and obsessive relationship.

Through Breaking Dawn, she marries Edward and becomes Bella Cullen.
God i wish i was Bella Swan, shes got beauty and Edward!

Dont trip and pull a Bella Swan.
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
Fictional character that emerges in Breaking Dawn after marrying Edward Cullen. Described after transforming from human (who is beautiful at best) to a vampire who now looks "breathtakingly gorgeous" and "like a God-damn supermodel".

Bella Swans tragic clumsiness and mouthwatering sent disappear. Her ability to control her emotions, her mind and put up a "shield" in the wake of her transformation result in the emergence of the single most gifted vampire of the saga.
Example #1
"Did you read breaking dawn? Because damn, Bella Cullen is the shit now."
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
Said to be the novel Twilight written from the character perspective of Edward Cullen.

Unfortunately copies of the midnight sun unfinished manuscript were released on the internet. distraught by the news, Meyer decided to put the production of midnight sun on hold "indefinitely". and in order to cure fans of their "guilt" of reading it illegally, she decided to put copies of the manuscript on her website.

This novel offers a different side to the story of Edward Cullen. Now all the bullshit pessimist who believed that Edward Cullen had no life and was too obsessed with Bella can shut the fuck up after reading midnight sun.
Example #1

dumbass: "i read twilight, it was good but Edward Cullen loves Bella too much".
genius: "did you read midnight sun"?
dumbass: "no but-"
genius: "well shut the fuck up because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about"!

Example #2

Genius #2: i had no idea Edward had life, thank god im not an ignorant asshole and that i took the time to read midnight sun to gain a little perspective.
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
Quite amazing.

The third installment of Stephenie Meyers Vampire saga.

It picks up from the disappointment that was New Moon and continues with the love story bewteen Edward (vampire) and Bella (human).

This installment explores:
1. Bella's affection of Jacob Black.
2. How Bella and Edward will be physically intimate.
3. Bella's determination to become a vampire and a pack she makes with Edward in order for them to remain together forever.
Example #1: New Moon was fucking boring, but thank God i stuck it out in order to get to Eclipse which is truly amazing.

by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
A major disappointment in the Twilight series. The second installment out of the current four. Written by the brilliant Stephenie Meyer.

It was by far the pointless need by Stephenie Meyer to express Bella's unnatural love for Edward. Readers were engrossed by the intense love between Bella and Edward, only to be let down by his total absence in New Moon.

However, very insightful to other characters in the plot and the overall true introduction of Jacob Black, the most kick ass character in the novel. Who gives the series the depth it was lacking in Twilight.
Example #1: Twilight was awesome, but New Moon was boring as fuck!

Example #2: New Moon was only bearable because of Jacob Black.

Example #3: "God, i cant wait to finish New Moon so i can get to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Example #4: If Stephenie Meyer decides to continue with the Twilight series, i hope the fifth books isn't as depressing as New Moon.
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
A vampire and main character of The Twilight saga created by Stephenie Meyer.

He is husband and eternal lover to Bella Swan.
described to be the most amazingly-drop-dead-gorgeous-perfect man to EVER walk to planet. however, his only flaw is his intense love and devotion to Bella.

*Twilight explains the reason for Edward Cullen's unnatural beauty is due to his need to attract prey (humans).
*He has 4 siblings, though none of which are by blood.
*His parents were killed in Chicago due to the Spanish Influenza.
*He was converted to a vampire by his now adopted father Carlisle Cullen.
Example #1: Edward Cullen is a vampire in Stephenie Meyers Twilight saga.

Example #2: Edward Cullen is the most beautiful character ever written.

by TrinityLife September 15, 2008

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