When your standing in front of a woman (nude mind you) and you position your dick/penis so that you insert from the behind. Thus achieving man's greatest accomplishment of all time. Better than the moon.
"Lets ECLIPSE, I'm feeling glorious"
"When I eclipse I feel blessed by Benedict"
by Javi and Austin + Jose January 15, 2007
1g:fast as hell and not sooo ugly
2g:ass like a fat black chick but respectable looking
3g:shouldn't even be considered an eclipse
damn that '96 has a big ass.
by taco tim April 20, 2003
1G: The best car ever built for the people who know.
2G: Crankwalk, not good. Use the 6 bolt from the 1G.
3G: Hated it.
4G: Looks great, and good power.
1G: Club DSM, John S.
by Revsclipse May 03, 2004
A car driven by easy bitches.

:Are you sure she puts out?
:She drives an eclipse its a sure thing!
by verrett October 06, 2003
1g-fast as hell (see john shepherd)
2g-looks good as hell,but crankwalk is a mother
3g-ugly and slow.... go figure
More widely known as a "cuntmobile", the Eclipse is the vehicle most often purchased by people who don't know how to spend money, think applying racing stickers constitutes pimping a ride, or who lost all self confidence after being touched by their fathers. Often seen parked in front of chain stores, trailers, and anywhere shitty music is played loud.
"Dude, A and F has a sick sale on accessories for the modern douchebag. Lets take the Eclipse!"

"Mofo says his Porsche can take my Eclipse - He don't know I got four cylinders and a JEGS decal."
by Chip Gremlin April 08, 2008
Quite amazing.

The third installment of Stephenie Meyers Vampire saga.

It picks up from the disappointment that was New Moon and continues with the love story bewteen Edward (vampire) and Bella (human).

This installment explores:
1. Bella's affection of Jacob Black.
2. How Bella and Edward will be physically intimate.
3. Bella's determination to become a vampire and a pack she makes with Edward in order for them to remain together forever.
Example #1: New Moon was fucking boring, but thank God i stuck it out in order to get to Eclipse which is truly amazing.

by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
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