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vigorously swallowing another ones lips, making out ferociously, sucking face, sucking in another ones lips sloppyly
that akward couple in school at lockers who are making out and calling it "kissing" also known as eating face
by leonalewislover January 02, 2010
Can be used as a slang for the high you get from doing bathsalts. Also used when you physically eat someones face while on bathsalts. Also referred to as going zombie.
Q"Hey what did you do last night?"
A"Hung out, took bathsalts, ate a little face... you know, the usual."

Q"Hey i have some bathsalts, anyone wanna eat face?"

Q"What are you doing later?"
A"Eating face."
by firenuts August 29, 2012
Eating Face Is the act of snorting bath-salts and eating another's face while high on said bath-salts.
Hey bro want to eat face later??, Nah man i don't snort bath salt's.
"Hey man, Want to go snort bathsalts?, Yeah bro lets go eating face."
by Igod-Maddog June 15, 2012

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